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Since 2011, hundreds of kids have learned about the founding principles of our great country by enrolling in the ConstitutioN camp summer program presented by Independence Forever. During this two-week camp, your children (ages 7-13) will learn selected songs from Janeen Brady's "Take Your Hat Off When the Flag Goes By" program which uses music to teach kids about the founding principles of our nation. In addition to the music, the kids will learn about the story of America's miraculous founding, the principles of the Declaration of Independence, and the fundamentals of our Constitution.
Constitution Camp practices, the children will make friends, learn history, play games, and learn the songs and dance routines for the performance. Even if your kids might be hesitant about dancing, there are newbies every year who have never done anything like this and end up loving it! Participants will also have a speaking part to memorize that introduces a principle of liberty or a quote from our founders.

Meet the Directors

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Alicia Phelps was raised on the stage and started Constitution Camp™ in 2011 to teach children while utilizing her expertise in education and the performing arts. She holds a degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University and has many years of experience in choreography and directing children’s performance camps.

Nathan Phelps has taught lessons about America’s founding to thousands of students in elementary schools across the valley as a volunteer. He is passionate about helping the rising generation develop a love for America and an understanding of the principles of liberty upon which it was founded.

Alicia Langstraat is a professional children's choir director and holds a degree in K-12 Music Education with a Choral Emphasis from Brigham Young University. Mrs. Langstraat is excited to combine her love of music and her love of Constitution and country in this summer camp.

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Teaching the Principles of Liberty

The United States of America has the longest-surviving written Constitution of any nation on earth. How did it come to be? What made it so successful? Why is it still relevant today? The answers to those questions are revealed in a series of fascinating, interactive lessons about our nation’s Constitution during the Constitution Camp™ summer program hosted by Independence Forever™. Topics that will be taught include:

  • The Star-Spangled Banner

  • Tyranny, Anarchy, and the Power to Govern

  • George Washington and the Revolutionary War

  • Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence

  • Miracle in Philadelphia and The Preamble

  • Checks & Balances (Separation of Powers)

  • Limited Government (Bill of Rights)

  • Federalism (division of powers into multiple levels of government)

  • Free Enterprise

  • Responsibility, Freedom, and Self-Government

With engaging visual aids, powerful stories, and even magic tricks, these captivating lessons are sure to leave an impression on the participants.

Children ages 7-14 are eligible for registration.

June 2024  Constitution Camp  Schedule

Directors: Alicia Phelps & Alicia Langstraat


Monday, June 10th - Friday, June 14th 12:30 - 4:30pm

Monday, June 17th - Wednesday, June 19th 12:30 - 4:30pm

Location: Power & Guadalupe in Mesa

Dress Rehearsal: Thursday, June 20th 10:00am - 3:00pm

Performance: Thursday, June 20th 6:00pm

Location: Sunland Village East

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